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About the NICA Alumni Network

The NICA Alumni Network serves as a dedicated space to foster lasting connections among NICA graduates while keeping them connected to the world of cycling. This program, rooted in shared passion for two-wheeled adventures, brings together NICA alumni from all over the country. Whether you’re reconnecting with old teammates, finding new riding buddies, or exploring opportunities for personal and professional growth, the NICA Alumni Network offers a space where you can learn, share, inspire, and be inspired. From alumni events and local group rides to job postings and career development activities, NICA is here to support you.

So, if you’re a NICA graduate looking to stay connected to the friends and mentors who shared your NICA experience, or if you simply want to remain engaged with cycling, we invite you to become a part of our alumni network. Together, we’ll continue to pedal forward and make lasting memories along the way.